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Chinese Vape Suppliers – Is It Safe To Order Vaping Supplies From China?


Purchasing inventory for your vape shop or personal use is critical. If you are a business owner, you’ll have to research the hundreds of different wholesale companies that serve the market today. Is it Safe? Many of our customers ask us: Is it safe to buy vape supplies from China? The simple answer is yes. […]

How Vape Shop Owners Can Save Money By Buying Wholesale


As a small business owner, you know that buying wholesale can save you a lot of money. The goal of every single business is to make money. However, what many businesses fail to understand is that saving money is the key to making money, and it may be the difference between success and failure. Whether […]

Is Owning a Small Business Vape Shop Lucrative?

Vape Products

Owning a vape shop can be lucrative if you are strategic with your partnerships, marketing, and customer service. By 2025, the vaping industry is projected to be worth over $60 billion. It’s understandable why so many entrepreneurs want a piece of the action.  Owning a small business vape shop can be lucrative, but like many […]

Top 6 Reasons Small Vape Mods Are Growing in Popularity

iPV V3 Mini Auto Squonking Kit

Vape mods offered today are known to be reliable with a great taste.  The levels of nicotine are also more satisfying for people choosing mini vape mods.  The small vape mods, such as the iPV V3 Mini, are easy to carry and enjoyable which is nice for those casual vapers.  The following are the top […]

Popular Products Your Vape Supplier Should Never Run Out Of

Popular Products Your Vape Supplier Should Never Run Out Of

The vape industry has grown quite rapidly in the last handful of years. Now, businesses can choose from many different brands and manufacturers to collaborate with and be a vape wholesale distributor.  The demand for electronic cigarettes is steady since the danger from a secondhand vape is probably very low. What are people buying when […]

Buying Vaping Supplies Online Vs. Locally – What saves you more?

Buying Vaping Supplies Online Vs Locally – What saves you more

Over the past few years, the vaping industry has grown and changed in remarkable ways. While in the early days, the only way to purchase e-cigarettes was to buy online, the vape industry has since expanded. Today, it is possible to buy vaping supplies from the local brick-and-mortar shop in your community. This means that […]

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