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A 2019 Beginner’s Guide to Squonking

iPV V3 Mini Auto Squonking Kit

Squonking isn’t a new method of vaping, but with new innovations and devices, the vape industry is seeing a surge of customers looking for a squonking experience. As many vapers know, traditional rebuildable drip atomizer systems can deliver impressive and intense flavor, but they can be difficult to maintain, so many people have begun turning […]

Best Squonk Mods Your Money Can Buy in 2019

Squonking has officially become the latest trend in the vaping industry. While this method has been around for a few years now, new advances in technology have made it one of the most popular vaping methods. A squonker is a vape mod that contains a bottle for e-liquid. It then pumps the e-juice onto the […]

How Do Squonk Mods Work?

Squonk mods, also known as a bottom feeder mod, feature an atomizer that leads e-liquid through a tube into the rebuildable drip atomizer. These mods are typically box mods and can hold up to three or four times more e-liquid than traditional rebuildable drip atomizers. Squonk mods work similarly to drip vape systems. Dripping vapes […]

iPV V3-Mini – An In-depth Review

iPV V3 Mini Auto Squonking Kit

Squonking isn’t exactly new to the vaping world, but it has just become the latest trend for vaping enthusiasts. The iPV V3-Mini Auto-Squonking Kit is an auto bottom-feeding squonking device that delivers on both usability and flavor. Whether you’re new to the vaping world or an enthusiast, the iPV V3-Mini is one of the best […]

Wholesale Vaping Supplies Your Vape Shop Needs Right Now

Wholesale Vaping Supplies Your Vape Shop Needs Right Now

The vaping landscape has grown exponentially from the time it went mainstream about five years ago. As a result of that, there is a wide variety of options that are available when it comes to the vaping supplies each vape shop needs right now. Sometimes, it is hard to identify the best vaping supplies for […]

Why Vape Shop Owners Choose KMG Imports as Their Go-To Supplier

A vape shop can only be successful if it stocks the right products. Therefore, it becomes very important to find a wholesale vape supplies distributor that will meet all your vape needs and deliver the kind of products that your customers will not hesitate to buy. This is the only way the customers will keep […]

Advantages of Ordering Wholesale Vape Liquid

Best Vape Juice Brands of 2019

If you have opted to make a switch from using normal cigarettes to e-liquid ones, then there are five certain benefits that you are bound to enjoy. There are a number of benefits of purchasing vape products in bulk as opposed to buying them from retail outlets. Here are some of the benefits of ordering […]

How to Get Premium Vape Juice at A Better Price

Even though health concerns should be the top priority when it comes to vaping, there is no denying that a number of people start vaping in hopes of saving some money in the process. Not all the vape juices are designed the same way. The vape e-liquid manufacturers differ greatly, and those variances influence the […]

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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