Juice Man E-Liquid Salts (30mL)

SKU : KMG11771

The Juice Man Salt Series E-Liquid in 30mL (Salt Nic) offers a variety of ten refreshing flavors, from favorite Fruits and Treats to invigorating Beverages, satisfying your flavor cravings. Designed for Salt-Nic devices, these e-liquids are ideal for all your vaping experiences.

Manufacturer: Juice Man
Sold By: KMG Imports

Juice Man E-Liquid Salts (30mL)

The Juice Man Salt Series E-Liquid offers a range of ten refreshing flavors to satiate your taste buds, from delightful Fruits and Treats to invigorating Beverages. These 30mL Salt Nic e-liquids are well-suited for Salt-Nic devices, making them an ideal choice for all your vaping pursuits.


  • Cherry Lime Fizz - Cherry | Lime | Cola
  • Cherry Blue Fizz - Cherry | Blue Raspberry | Cola
  • Dragon Frappe - Mixed Fruits | Cream (New)
  • Dragon Frappe On Ice - Mixed Fruits | Cream | Menthol (New)
  • Unicorn Frappe - Blue Raspberry | Mango | Cotton Candy | Whipped Cream
  • Unicorn Frappe On Ice - Blue Raspberry | Mango | Cotton Candy | Whipped Cream | Menthol
  • Mad Man - Fruit Cereal | Milk
  • Snow Man On Ice - Strawberry | Blueberry | Cherry | Apple | Pineapple
  • ZoNk! Watermelon Strawberry - Strawberry | Watermelon | Bubblegum
  • ZoNk! Pink Lemonade - Pink Lemonade | Bubblegum
  • ZoNk! Cotton Clouds - Cotton Candy | Bubblegum
  • ZoNk! Mixed Berry - Tart Raspberry | Blueberry | Grape | Bubblegum
  • ZoNk! Orange Mango - Tangy Orange | Tropical Mango | Bubblegum


  • Bottle Size - 30mL Bottle
  • Available Nicotine - 35mg | 50mg


  • 1 x Juice Man E-Liquid Salts 30mL

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
Weight 1.3 oz

Dragon Frappe, Dragon Frappe On Ice, Mad Man, Snow Man On Ice, Unicorn Frappe, Unicorn Frappe On Ice, Zonk! Cotton Candy, Zonk! Mixed Berry, Zonk! Orange Mango, Zonk! Pink Lemonade, Zonk! Watermelon Strawberry


35mg, 50mg

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