Frequently asked questions

KMG’s limited warranty covers any manufacturer errors in the device, I.E. chip malfunction, soldering, etc.. It does NOT cover any aesthetic issues or problems caused by user error due to mishandling of the product

The iPV 5 can have a 75 watt cap on its output for 2 reasons:
  • The device is in SX Pure Mode where it is limited to 75 watts (Remove limit by returning back to power mode)
  • While rare, a known bug has surfaced among a few of the units that seizes the ability to change wattage above 75. If this occurs, contact KMG immediately and the device will be replaced

The iPV 5 is updated using the SXI update software. Found at, one can download both the software and the drivers from the website. While downloading, remove the batteries from the device and plug the device into your computer using the included micro USB cable. Once plugged in, navigate to the connection tab and click the connect button on the page. Once it shows that the device is connected to the computer properly, navigate back to the menu where you will find an update page. Click on the upgrade tab and from there, please load the software update using the “open file” tab. Once loaded, click the upgrade button and from there, the program will update the device and then notify when the process is complete.

Press and hold the plus and minus buttons at the same time until it displays the locked resistance

The limited warranty we offer on the iPV 5 lasts 3 months from the date of purchase

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