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Finding The Best Vape Juice Wholesale Supplier

The right products are what will make your vape shop a success. It’s important to find a wholesale supplier that can meet your needs and deliver the products that your customers love, keeping them coming back for more as often as possible.

While the process of finding the best wholesale vape supplier can be difficult, here are a few tips to help you find the right fit:


The first thing you have to consider when making bulk e-liquid wholesale purchases is where you’d like to get your supply. While there are many options overseas, the U.S.-based suppliers and distributors will most likely be your best option. Although you may think that ordering overseas can save you money, you can find suppliers in the U.S. for a similar cost that don’t require you to deal with time differences and longer shipping times.

While the price of products overseas may be cheaper, you’ll spend that money dealing with shipping and delivery costs that are not ideal for local vape shops.  When ordering from U.S. distributors and suppliers, you’ll get faster and cheaper shipping options with great customer service and business hours that match yours.

Now that you’ve decided from which country you’d like to purchase, you should decide if purchasing from suppliers in your region is right for your store. Finding a wholesaler in the same region as you can make for an easier process to keep your shipping costs down. However, by doing a quick search online, you can find a supplier outside of your region that can ship for the same amount and send you the products faster. While searching for a supplier nearby can be beneficial, you should also search outside of your region to see if there is a company that offers better benefits to your business.


Another important aspect of your buying process must include the brands each supplier carries. Shopping around is very important because you’ll want to stock multiple brands and flavors to appeal to all of your vaping customers. If you notice most of your customers buying a few brands more than others, you’ll want to find a supplier that carries those brands and a variety of their flavors. The larger selection will allow you to purchase the flavors that your customers want while allowing you to find different options that customers can try. If you do notice that customers are mostly buying a few brands over others, it’s important to find a supplier that carries those options and orders a lot from that wholesaler as those products will come at an inexpensive cost.

Shipping Policy and Cost

You should always check the company’s shipping policy to make sure you can order the products you need when you need them to keep the flavors your customers love flying off your shelves. You’ll also need to take into account what time zone they’re in and how it compares with your own.

Considering the shipping cost is also important to keep your costs low. Many wholesalers offer free shipping for a certain minimum amount. You may come across other companies that make you pay for shipping, but their products are cheaper. Be careful to always factor in shipping costs with product costs when choosing where to get your products. Because free shipping usually means that they take that cost and make the price of their products higher, you may be able to find a company that offers free shipping and cheaper products that will arrive quicker than when ordering from other wholesalers. Always compare different companies at one time.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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