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How To Establish A Good Relationship With Your Vape Wholesale Distributor

How To Establish A Good Relationship With Your Vape Wholesale Distributor

Building good and healthy relationships with a vape wholesale distributor are essential to your business success. Without them, how are you able to meet the needs of your customers? Your vape wholesale distributor will be one of the main ingredients to growing your business.

Establishing Relationship with Vape Wholesale Distributor

There are ways to build a strong work relationship with your distributor. Here are a few things that you can do:

1. Visit their Business Location

The first step would be to meet with them in person. It’s not enough to just call them or send an email. Schedule a face-to-face meeting with them especially if you’re ordering a large number of vape products.

Visiting their business location is also a good way to find out how they are manufacturing or importing their vape products. If possible, request for a little tour. Ask them questions to also learn how the business works.

2. Keep Communications Open

Regular communication with your wholesale distributor should be on top of the list. Send them a thank you note after receiving the vape products you’ve ordered.

Try to also follow them on social media. Comment and like on their posts. As much as possible, keep the communication always active and open.

3. Be Present During their Important Events

If you’re working with a large vape wholesale distributor, chances are they will have sponsored events. Make sure you try to attend these events.

Participating is also a good way to network. Who knows, you might find new clients during an important event.

4. Be Willing to Support your Vape Wholesale Distributor

Show them that their business is also important to you. If they call out for a meeting with different clients, show up and take an active role.

Why Suppliers are Important to Grow the Business

Your vape wholesale distributor provides you with the goods that you need to be able to run your business. They can also be a good source of information about the vape industry. Here are a few more things that you can do to establish a good relationship with them:

  • Promptly pay your suppliers
  • If you foresee a delay, make sure you inform them in advance
  • For damages, promptly return the vape product with proper documentation
  • Don’t stress them out with rush orders as much as possible
  • Get to know them better, including the people who work for your vape wholesale distributor
  • Be willing to negotiate terms with them

Always Be a Reliable Seller

You can grow your business if you’re a good seller of vape products. More clients mean more orders to suppliers. And distributors for wholesale of vape products would want to work with a retailer who is good at what they do. Being a reliable retailer also ensures that your distributor can trust you.

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