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Pioneer4You is popular for releasing elegant vaping mods such as the iPV8 mod which is a hit. The iPV V-IT is a visually impressive vape mod, coming with an artistic finish to its look and designed with a highly advanced chipset.

The fit and finish of the mod are fantastic with a kind of rubbery feel making it easy to hold. The mod comes in five different colors: Rhapsody, Fantasy, Odyssey, Galaxy and Bluesy. The mod itself is light and feels stable at the same time.

The kit is designed and manufactured with an amazing YiHi SX540 chip. You can never go wrong with these beasts – they are popular because of the functions they offer. The kit is fitted with a 1.3 inch TFT IPS HD screen, with the user being able to change the wallpaper for a more personalized experience.

The mod two 18650 batteries which can produce up to a maximum of 200 wattages. Another cool feature is the unique temperature regulation system. You don’t need to fear the mod heat malfunctions. The unique mods firmware is upgradable. The sized mod has a central connector with tanks of 30mm. Don’t worry, this amazing product and other Wholesale Pioneer4You Supplies are something that we offer here at KMG Imports.

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