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Wholesale 7 Daze Vape Supplies


7Daze E-juice is a top of the range e-juice brand that hit the market in early 2014. Since then the e-juice has become a favorite among vapers thanks to its intricate fruity and candy flavor blends. These flavors have taken the industry by storm outperforming conventional flavors that have for long defined the vaping industry.

7Daze has an array of flavor combinations that are set to appeal to every consumer. Among the top flavors include Selfie Sunday, which feels like biting into a freshly picked red apple. This delicious flavor is a certain delight and makes one savor every puff. Another top 7Daze flavor is the “Red Berries Apple” a perfected fusion with a distinct ripe red berry flavor that tantalizes the taste buds. The exhale, is complemented by a juicy pomegranate flavor for the perfect exhale. The “Reds Watermelon flavor” is also a delightful 7Daze flavor. The inhale features a juicy apple taste complemented by a crisp watermelon taste. When these flavors are fused, they taste better than any fruit salad.

With these authentic flavors, 7Daze has certainly lived up to its motto, “Give the people what they want.” Get your Wholesale 7Daze Vape Supplies and E-Juice today and take your vaping experience to the next level.


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