Puff Labs Psycho Kitty 100ml

SKU : D420

Psycho Kitty eJuice is a rich bakery dessert made by using a sweet brown sugar and melted butter doughnut batter

Manufacturer: Puff Brands
Sold By: KMG Imports
I’m not just a crazy kitty, I’m a psycho kitty. Every morning I get up and scratch my post until my claws are razor sharp. Then, I go to my hooman right when he’s in the middle of an important work email and sit right on his keyboard. Sometimes, I meow and slam cupboard doors and make him guess for hours what I want when I don’t even want anything at all. The best is after about 2 hours after he goes to sleep, I lay on his stomach and peel out on it with my claws in complete “go” mode. Puff Labs Psycho Kitty E-Liquid is a bunch of powdah donut bites filled with thick berry syrup. The inhale will be a fresh out of the fryer donut covered in sweet white powder. The exhale will be a thick berry syrup explosion.  

Puff Labs® Psycho Kitty E-Liquid Specs:

0mg, 3mg and 6mg Nicotine Options Available 80VG/20PG Blend
Weight 4.5 oz

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

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