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Popular Products Your Vape Supplier Should Never Run Out Of

Popular Products Your Vape Supplier Should Never Run Out Of

The vape industry has grown quite rapidly in the last handful of years. Now, businesses can choose from many different brands and manufacturers to collaborate with and be a vape wholesale distributor.  The demand for electronic cigarettes is steady since the danger from a secondhand vape is probably very low.

What are people buying when they get e-cigs? We want to suggest some products a wholesale vape distributor should always have in stock. Users will want to choose products from various hardware and accessories that will enhance their vaping experiences.


1. Vaping Hardware

Vape hardware comprises of the vape mod and tank. All vape hardware businesses manufacture these two. Picking the mod and tank is usually down to personal choice, but some brands offer attractive models.

Vape devices have different features that have their attraction, such as easy-to-use devices for beginner and intermediate users. Vapers do not want to keep fumbling around trying to get the vape mod to respond. There are premium mods for advanced users to enjoy when they are relaxing.


2. Vape Tanks

Distributors should offer a variety of tanks including standard, sub-ohm tanks, and those built for box mods. It does not end there; vapers may want rebuildables, RTAs, and drippers (RDAs). Some models have tanks with unique features also.

The wholesale distributor of vapes needs to have tanks that cater to beginners and the more experienced vaper. Vapers are aware of some tank differences. Mesh coil tanks have a better flavor and voluminous clouds. Also, tanks that fill at the top are usually leak proof.


3. Best Vape Juice

Vapers are keen to have an array of flavors to match the experience they want to enjoy. The best wholesale e-juice supplier should include tobacco, menthol, fruit, and candy, to mention just a few. Many other juice flavors are proving marketable for profit margins.

Selling e-juices means that vapers can also select the PG/VG ratio and get the strengths that they want to imbibe.

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4. Vaporizers for Dry Herbs

We have talked about the full range of flavors, but there are also vaporizers that alternative vapers enjoy. By carrying the stock for alternative products, you will offer vapers various choices of concentrations and tinctures.

The alternative products come in different flavors and with varying relaxation capabilities. Some users like spicy flavors while others enjoy a bit of sweetness or herbal hints.


5. Vape Mods for less than $50

Since many people will buy for themselves and on behalf of others, the wholesaler who has a good deal going for less than $50 will make sales. Starter kits and tanks can come in different varieties. The suppliers with variants will likely get more business.

Vapers are familiar with high and low wattages; they want distinct colors, perhaps a box or pen model. The more shapes and sizes, the more business you can drum up.


6. Vape Mods for Advanced Users

The pro vaper is a customer with discerning tastes. They will want to choose from advanced personal devices. Sophisticated vape mods designs offer numerous styles, power, color and size features. Some of them give incredible battery life, and others have Bluetooth capability with the user’s phone.


7.Starter Kits for Novice Vapers

Beginners want to try out a product and decide if it is the right one for them. The supplier for wholesale vape mods offering starter kits will get the attention of newbies. By offering a return policy and a manufacturer warranty, users will be comfortable with making a purchase.

If the buyers are satisfied with the starter kit and your services, they will return to make more purchases.


Vape Accessories

Here is a look at accessories that are hugely marketable and give users a great vaping experience.

1. Atomizers and Coils

Atomizers and coils are various accessories that will keep the mod fresh and the electronic flavors tasty. The atomizer will vaporize the liquid, and the coil generates the heat. A hotter coil gives out more vapor production, which will also be a lower resistance coil with lower ohms.


2. Batteries

Batteries are necessary to get the vape mods to work correctly. Have a variety of batteries, including high-drain, normal cells and famous brands that will suit different vapers needs.


3. Chargers

Battery chargers can come in all types: USB chargers, thread chargers, or even Bluetooth smart chargers. Make sure that the right chargers are stocked to suit each of the vape mods you sell. Customers should not have to contend with batteries draining on them.


4. Mouthpiece

A mouthpiece is a hollow gadget, called the drip tip that allows a great vaping experience. They come in a variety of different materials from stainless steel to plastic. The width of the bore determines the airflow that the user will get.


5. Pen Cartridges

Cartridges are easy to handle and portable, making them a convenient device to have for when traveling. They are easy to replace and not messy, so they will be attractive to users who like no fuss.


6. Sleeves and Cases

When you have spent your coin on buying something that will last for a while, it is only natural to take steps to keep it in condition. There are many cases and covers that the vape wholesaler can offer. Some of them even include battery holders.

Users could choose from functional to customized looks, and pick the choice of texture variants, color, grip, etc. For as long as the device is secure, customers will enjoy vaping and tie their enjoyment in with your products.


7. Vape Gear

People like to wear outfits that make a statement or show support for the things they enjoy. Vape aficionados would buy fashionable t-shirts and other great ideas. The vape gear can be attractive promotional items.

Stock a variety of hoodies, v-neck t-shirts, summer vests, caps, and any other gear, and watch them fly off the shelves.


Final Thoughts

When selling trendy products on the market, there are those that will trend for short periods and sell like hotcakes. However, there are also goods that stay popular for long periods.  

You need to know which ones to invest more on, and in which season. If you want to sell the best vape products, then you should talk to someone experienced, like KMG Imports, who can steer you in the right direction.


WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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