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How Do Squonk Mods Work?

Squonk mods, also known as a bottom feeder mod, feature an atomizer that leads e-liquid through a tube into the rebuildable drip atomizer. These mods are typically box mods and can hold up to three or four times more e-liquid than traditional rebuildable drip atomizers.

Squonk mods work similarly to drip vape systems. Dripping vapes became all the rage when vapers found out that they’d get more robust flavor if they dripped the e-liquid directly onto the wick and coils, making it a popular method of achieving the desired vaping experience. However, this method came with one large problem. Dripping can be messy since it requires constant re-dripping onto the wick once it dries out after just a few puffs. This method also required vapers to take their e-liquids everywhere, which is pretty inconvenient. Squonk mods solve all those problems. 

Squonk systems are taking the vaping world by storm because they’re easier to use and maintain than past rebuildable drip atomizer systems. Because they have a higher capacity e-liquid bottle than other systems, there is no need to carry around an extra bottle of e-juice or deal with unnecessary dripping that leads to waste, and ultimately, lost money. 

If you happen to flood your squonk mod, after you release the bottle from your grip, the remaining excess liquid will be flushed back into the bottle. There’s absolutely no waste when you use squonk mods. 

There are many different models of squonk mods on the market, but they all work in a similar fashion. 


How does a squonk mod work?

Here is the step-by-step process of how this type of vape system works. 

  1. Fill the e-liquid bottle at the bottom of the system with your choice of e-liquid and replace it. 
  2. Squeeze the bottle gently to make the e-juice rise into the rebuildable drip atomizer
  3. Release the bottle and let the bottle go back to its original form. Any extra e-liquid that is left in the rebuildable drip atomizer will be sucked back into the bottle, leaving only enough to wet the wick and coils. 
  4. Fire the mod to take a puff. You can continue vaping until the flavor starts to diminish and then simply squeeze the bottle again to re-wet the wick. 

iPV V3 Mini Auto Squonking Kit


The New Auto-Squonk Mod: The IPV V3-Mini Auto-Squonking Kit

There is a new squonk mod on the market called the iPV V3-Mini Auto-Squonking Kit, which works a little differently than those described above. This system basically does all of the work for you and you can even adjust the temperature. To use the IPV V3-Mini:

  1. Fill the bottle on the bottom with e-liquid and replace it. 
  2. Hit the fire button to turn the device on. This device will begin pumping e-liquid from the tank for you without the need to squeeze. Read the gauge to find the temperature and adjust accordingly using five clicks of the fire button and using the up and down buttons. You may feel the pump working while the device is in your hand. You can also use the buttons to adjust the speed of the pump. Once the device is on your preferred settings, the coils will moisten with e-liquid. 
  3. Once you’ve found your desired pump speed and temperature levels, you can start vaping. With just a few clicks of the buttons, your experience will be just as flavorful as traditional rebuildable drip atomizer vaping, but a whole lot easier. 

This system is the easiest to use, especially for novice vapers. With the entire vape process automated, you can easily set yourself up in minutes and enjoy a flavorful vape experience. The iPV V3-Mini Auto-Squonking Kit is a complete kit with comprehensive features. The easiest way to use this system is with the full kit that includes everything you’ll need, except for your choice of e-liquid. 


Squonking is Easy for Everyone

In the past, squonking was mostly for expert vapers who could rebuild their devices. Unfortunately, this method was dangerous and led to a lot of issues. The new, regulated squonk mods are safe to use and easy for both experts and those who want to try vaping for the first time. 

The easiest way to start squonking is to purchase a complete kit. Unless you’re an expert and can rebuild your own systems to work with a new device, starting fresh with the new kit will be the easiest and safest way to start squonking. 


An Important tip on Unregulated Squonk Mods

It’s important to make sure the squonk mod you’re using is regulated. There are dishonest manufacturers out there that have foregone safety regulations and selling products that are dangerous. If you’re a novice, the best thing you can do is research different brands and types of squonks to find what’s best and easiest for you. 


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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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