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Best E-Liquid Flavors You Can Buy Wholesale


E-liquid wholesale distributors and suppliers are always looking for the best flavors that will intrigue buyers and make them come back for more. Whether your buyers prefer fruity or regular tobacco flavors, there are e-liquid bulk wholesale options for everyone.


E-liquid wholesale suppliers rejoice. Here are the best e-liquid flavors you can buy wholesale:

Drip This Sour Watermelon

This watermelon 100ml e-liquid is a delectable combination of sour and sweet. Refreshing on a hot summer day or delicious during the cold winter months, Watermelon from Drip This Sour is a great all day vape.

Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble

Delicious Blackberry Crumble from Dinner Lady comes in 60ml for a taste of golden brown crumble with blackberries. This e-liquid offers a simple tart flavor of blackberry mixed with the warming bakery taste of crumble. This flavor pairs great with desserts for a relaxing night puff.

Solace Black Banana Dragonberry

This 30ml salt nic twist of tropical flavors is great for all-day vaping. A mixture of bananas, dragon fruits, and strawberries, the pleasing taste can be paired with any food or beverage to add flavor to your life.

ORGNX Lychee

Experience the light and delicious fruity flavor of lychee in this 60ml e-liquid. Many people know the flavor of lychee from bubble tea or boba. Lychee offers a unique taste for people who want a fruity sweet flavor with none of the tartness. Pair it with all types of teas and deserts, with this sweet all-day vape.

ORGNX Honeydew

One of our favorite flavors, the ORGNX Honeydew is a refreshing e-liquid for both morning and night. It’s sweet without being overpowering and comes in 60ml. If you like the popular summer fruit, this is the best e-liquid to enjoy all day long.

Propaganda The Hype Cotton Candy

If you enjoy sweetness, but fruit isn’t your thing, Propaganda The Hype Cotton Candy captures the sweet comforting taste of cotton candy. Reminiscent of the treat you buy at your favorite local fair, the Cotton Candy e-liquid from Propaganda is offered in 60ml bottles.

Solace Black Sea Salt Blueberry

The 30ml Black Sea Salt Blueberry e-liquid is a salt nicotine blend featuring the flavors of saltwater taffy mixed with blueberry. This balanced mix of salty and sweet is perfect for people with a sweet tooth while providing a simple salty taste to delight your palate.

Vape Boy Classics Frootholios

Reminiscent of the milk you find at the bottom of your Fruit Loops bowl of cereal (which is the best part if we’re being honest), this e-liquid is sweet and creamy. Whether you prefer your cereal in the morning or as a late-night snack, Frootholios is delicious at any time of day. Have as much as you want! The delectable e-liquid is available in 100ml.

Dinner Lady Orange Tart

The 60ml Dinner Lady Orange Tart combines the sugared slices of Florida oranges and mixes it with the taste of warm pie. This flavor is a great end to your night for an after dessert vape that you can puff through the night and into the morning.

Drip This Sour Green Apple Salt

Bottled in 30ml, the Green Apple Salt flavor from Drip This Sour will remind you of that first bite of a mouth-watering crisp granny smith with each puff. Clean fresh flavors combined with a hint of tartness in this salt nic e-liquid that will remind you of a sunny and warm summer afternoon.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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