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Differences between RBA, RDA, and RTA

For those of you who are new to vaping, you may be confused when you come across all the different atomizers that are available. However, the concepts are not that complex once you get to understand what they actually mean. RBA is an abbreviation for Rebuildable Atomizer and the difference between RBA, RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer), and RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) are in their composition.

To make it even simpler to understand, atomizers are a very important part of your vaping devices that do the actual work of vaporizing the e-juice when hot. Inside the atomizer are cotton wicking and coils that get hot to release the flavorful vapor.

What are RBAs?

Rebuildable atomizer or the RBA has a deck that holds the coil and wick into place. The term ‘rebuildable’ actually means that you have to do it yourself by placing all the components in their right positions. RBAs are preferred because they offer you different ways to customize them in order to achieve the needed resistance. RBA atomizers can be further classified into:

RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer)
RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)
RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer)

What are RDAs?

RDAs, as the name suggests, are specifically used when dripping. What happens is that when vaping, you don’t fill up the e-juice tank with your chosen liquid. Instead, you use small quantities by just dripping the liquid onto the heated coils.

An outstanding feature of the RDAs is that they do not have e-juice tanks, which are replaced by a juice well, located below the build deck. The juice well holds the e-liquid drops and the wick tails need to be dipped inside to soak up the vape juice, usually a 10-drop capacity.

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What are RTAs?

RTAs, when compared to RDAs, can hold more liquid, up to a few milliliters in capacity. The construction of the RTA actually has a juice tank and a build deck that allows you to set up your coils. Apart from these features, RTAs have a chimney that ensures the coils are not completely drowned in the e-juice when vaping.

At the bottom of the build on an RTA, adjustable airflow slots are typical, improving the vaping experience. The disadvantage of this is that the vaping liquid might leak either from the mouth tip or air slots. This is the reason why you need to store your tank in an upright position.

Which is the Best to Use?

Between RDAs and RTAs, there is no telling the best one and you may just need to decide the one that works for you. As a pro, you would not have trouble setting up any of the two to enjoy your vaping sessions. However, most people suggest that RTAs are much more convenient and its flavor delivery is a plus.

With the lack of storage tank and its small capacity, most people do not prefer RDAs. If you prefer simple vaping, RDAs would do! Why not consider having both for different experiences? The set up of these atomizers might be complex but it would not take you a lot of time before you become a master at assembling one for yourself.

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