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Tips on Finding The Best Wholesale Supplier for Your Vape Shop


Sourcing supplies that are of good quality with the right price is a factor in determining your vape shop’s success. After all, your customers will be your future influencers—they will spread the word about your shop, the availability of supplies, customer service, affordability, and so on. And as an entrepreneur, profit is a major consideration so you may want to buy your products from vape supplies wholesale dealers.

Buying retail vape products for personal use is one thing and obtaining vape supplies wholesale is another since competition is getting strict especially with online vape stores. These tips will help you in finding the best vape supplies wholesale dealers.

Know your market.

Knowing what your customers want is the heart of every trade. From demographic data to economic status of your target market, having this data will set you apart from the competition. Then you can start searching for stores that offer vape supplies wholesale which can cater to your shop’s needs. This reduces stock piling up and having to go on sale because of slow-moving products. They will happily give you their money as you sell them products suitable for their preference because you know them.

Join vape online communities.

Aside from asking personally, this is also a good place to know your target market as these interactive platforms will allow everyone to communicate without restrictions. You may also receive and share tips with vape users and owners of vape stores, or even network with them—ask where they get their supplies, their experience about a store’s customer service, or product quality, etc. If you run out of a certain accessory, someone may know vape supplies wholesale stores nearby carrying it.

Check for supplier reviews and ratings.

Look for verified purchase reviews and ratings from customers. There is so much information in these sites about the quality of products they sell, the customer service experience, the efficiency of shipping and delivery, and the veracity of the wholesale supplier’s claims. These will guide you to the reliable vape suppliers, not to the unscrupulous ones.

Weigh if you need to buy from a distributor or directly from a manufacturer.

There are pros and cons to buying from each but choose whichever has greater benefits over risk. Distributors put a markup for each sale so their prices are definitely higher than manufacturers’ price. However, convenience should also be considered—there are more distributors than manufacturers, and not to mention, they are more accessible since manufacturing plants are usually not local. Rest assured, both offers vape supplies wholesale, so sourcing really depends on your preference.

Compare suppliers.

Don’t forget to take note of each supplier’s return policy for damaged/expired goods, shipping and handling, payment terms, customer service contact information, and rewards scheme, if applicable. You may also ask your potential sources about their clients whom you may contact to validate their claims as you compare each supplier’s pros and cons.

Following these tips will help you in finding the best vape wholesale supplier who can help keep your business running smoothly. If you have more tips to share, please leave them in the comments section below.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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