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How To Find The Best Online Vape Stores

Since the advent of e-cigarettes a.k.a. vapes, there have been numerous physical and online vape stores that sell retail and wholesale vape supply. And since online stores deliver the convenience of buying without the hassle of travel, they serve a bigger chunk of the vaping market.

Unlike traditional cigarettes which require much simpler smoking tools, producing vapor is a more complicated process. Finding a reliable online vape store is not tedious but there are things to consider like the items (retail or wholesale vapor supply), location of the store (shipping time, price), and availability of materials. This list will help you find the best online vape stores suited for your needs.

Know your device.

If you’re shopping for carrying cases, batteries, tanks, wholesale vapor e-juice, and other accessories or DIY parts, they must be compatible with your device, such as the size of the drip tip or the batteries being used. This reduces your research time and prevents you from returning incompatible items.

Look for store reviews.

Verified customer reviews and ratings don’t lie (most of the time). Reading reviews will give you an insight on how the online seller deals with customers and the quality of their products. Plus, it saves you the pain of buying from scammers. Wholesale vape supply stores serve more customers so they tend to have a greater number of reviews than retailers.

Check for a variety of items.

The best stores, both online or physical one, have the widest selection of items and they offer retail and wholesale vape supply for resellers and general consumers. The more items an online store has, the better. You can have all the accessories you need in one shop while you save on shipping fee—or if you buy more items, shipping is free.

Join online communities.

Forums are also great sources of information where customers share their buying experience, tips, and even discount codes. These are the platforms where customers can freely share anything and everything honestly about vaping. Examples are Reddit, Vaping Underground, and ECF.

Compare online store items and prices.

While it’s good to save on cheaper items, it’s better to save on items that have better quality because most of the time, you get what you pay for. You may buy a cheap item which may have to be replaced a few times a year when you can have one that lasts all-year long, maybe more, saving you money and time in having to place an order again and wait for the product’s arrival. Online stores that offer wholesale vape supply guarantee competitive prices than retail stores without compromising quality.

Check for customer service information.

Look for live chats, phone numbers, and valid email addresses indicated in the store’s website to verify that the online store is legitimate. Feel free to chat with them if you have questions.

Look for returns policy and shipping information.

The online store should have a clear returns policy if the product sent is damaged or with missing parts. Shipping information with the courier’s details should be present to estimate your product’s arrival.

Following this list will save you time and money and will spare you the headache of buying poor-quality products. If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to leave them below. Happy online shopping!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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