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How to Promote Your Vape Shop This Season

The vaping industry is booming this holiday season, and if you’re smart in marketing your vape supplies, your demand won’t die down anytime soon. Are you one of the many vape shops or wholesale vape products providers denied access to paid search and Facebook ads? It’s impossible to grow if you can’t advertise.

DO: Rely on good old email marketing

Email is one channel you own and if you already have a database of customers, it should still work to convert—especially if you send out special seasonal offers and invite them to join your other social media channels (where you’ll be holding even more giveaways, but more on that later).

DO: Use organic search

If you can’t pay to get ahead in searches and FB feeds, you should heavily optimize your online store for organic searches that will be happening over the holiday season. Alternate seasonal keywords to cover every possible search.

DON’T: Keyword-stuff category names or duplicate categories

People will be looking for stocking stuffers, make sure you don’t stuff your site with keywords or make duplicate categories, or you’ll turn your customers off.

DO: Use Facebook company pages

Vape shops can still have a company page on Facebook and have an active following. Posts, contents, content, and communication with people are allowed. On Facebook, people are there for holiday fun, and they engage best with content and brands connected to their hobbies and interests; especially when they have the seasonal time off of work.

Some suppliers and wholesalers can skip the Facebook presence, but not the vape supply store. Keep your news fresh and informative there, announcing new product lines and engaging people with polls, games, and giveaways. It won’t hurt. Facebook may not want your advertising money, but they haven’t banned groups talking about vaping. The best part is that groups are area-specific so you can reach your target audience easily.

DO: Use Reddit communities for vapers

There is a subreddit for any subculture, and vaping turns out to be a favorite pastime for Redditors. They love to create vape-related holiday memes, and you can easily repurpose them (with credits) to help market your own holiday sales.

DO: Hold weekly giveaways over social media if you are launching a new vape supply store.

Find vape influencers on Instagram and work with them as possibly becoming brand ambassadors. This works with review sites, where you can send your products to be reviewed by professional vapers. Sometimes, they’ll want an affiliate link.

You might be too late to get ambassadors on board before the Christmas season, but you can use the holiday as a reason to reach out with your first care package of products for them to try out.

DON’T: Forget to use as many vape-related hashtags as you can.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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