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Why Getting A Good Wholesale Vaping Supply Deal Is Great For Your Business

wholesale vaping supplies

Vaping is a new trend with more smokers shifting to e-cigarettes and vapes, which could be nicotine free and safer for one’s lungs. Purchasing the right wholesale vaping supplies for your business is one of the most important elements of running a successful business. Unfortunately, it is also a time-consuming process, looking for the right supplier.

Should you order vape supplies from China or USA?

You will need to decide whether you want to buy from US-based wholesale vape distributors or directly from China. Although it may seem like a better idea to order from China, it may not necessarily be the easiest option. You will need to carefully think this decision through.

Why should you order from China:

Pros of ordering vape products from China

  • Lower prices
  • Fast access to the latest products
  • Can choose from a greater variety of products
  • Being able to order the same products indefinitely
  • The stock is always available

Cons of ordering vape products from China

  • Takes much longer to be shipped to you
  • You will need to consider the time zone difference when ordering or inquiring
  • You are not protected from dishonest companies

Now let’s look at the Pros and Cons of ordering vaping supplies from the US:

Pros of ordering vape products from the US:

  • Fast shipping
  • Excellent customer support
  • Regular business hours

Cons of ordering vape products from the US:

  • Limited products to choose from
  • New items will go out of stock fast
  • Products kept in stock for 12-16 weeks
  • Higher pricing

How do you decide which wholesale company is a right fit for you?

It is important to have one wholesale company near you so that in the event that you run out of stock, you can easily access more stock in a hurry. You also need to find the wholesale vaping supplies company that sells the same brands that you want to sell. Many US companies offer free shipping in the same vicinity, so shop around for good deals like this.

E-Liquids: Should you buy them from distribution companies?

It is advisable to buy them directly from a manufacturer if possible. You will pay more for e-liquids from a distributor than a manufacturer. However, there are certain instances when it would be appropriate.

Why should you buy e-liquid from a distribution company:

  • The product is good but the service is not
  • You cannot reach the manufacturer
  • The manufacturer’s shipping is expensive
  • You don’t mind paying more to get all that you need from one place
  • You have a history of poor service with the manufacturer
  • Higher minimum order quantities

Why should you buy e-liquid directly from the manufacturer:

  • Prices are lower
  • Access to new products is fast
  • The distributor can decide to stop carrying a particular brand
  • Can offer you samples

Which do you prefer?

Taking the above information into consideration when deciding about wholesale vaping products, would you rather purchase from a manufacturer or a distributor? How do you think this will impact your business? Let us know what you think.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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